A2 Desk Easel

A2 Desk Easel

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Sturdy Wooden Easel - The 47 by 75 by 50-centimeter A2 desk easel is made of hard and tough beechwood, its wooden tablet structure provides a dependable base for your canvas or paper that won’t randomly move due to its sturdy back supports. Due to the abrasion-resistant properties of beechwood, you can be reassured that the easel will be left scratchless even after heavily superimposing the details on your work with more intense pencil or brush strokes. You can definitely explore and enhance your skills with any art medium with this.

Your Desired Angle Is Its Command - Sketch in low angles or paint in moderate to steep ones to achieve the best outcomes on your artwork with our A2 desk easel that’s adjustable in 6 steady angle positions from approximately 30 to 75 degrees. The beauty of your work aside, artists who have been creating for a while now know how staying in one position for long hours could strain the wrists and the neck and could be detrimental to their work in the long run. Our A2 Desk Easel gives you the options to adjust your working position from time to time, your comfort and efficiency are guaranteed with this ergonomic piece. Working on your lap or your desk or even while standing by your kitchen counter? It’s all possible! The variety this easel offers will surely complement the free-minded artist.

Mobile Attributes - Our A2 desk easel is designed so that it can be easily folded for storage or transporting from home to anywhere. Its compact and lightweight design allows you to satisfy that urge to get your hands to work even in tight spaces. It will save you the hassle of carrying the conventional bulky easels from one location to another. This space-saving and very functional piece isn’t hard to love!

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