Black Acrylic Paint - 500ml

Black Acrylic Paint - 500ml

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
Acrylic paint formulated to ensure highly-versatile and adhesive quality to let your art stay vibrant over time. With heavy pigment, the right viscosity and the best opaque quality, this Artistik 500ml Acrylic Paint is perfect for just about anything. Use it for complete coverage, quick touchups, collage, light strokes or splashes- our paints just lets you be yourself and give your creations the most attention it deserves.

A Splash of Color
This acrylic colour works well on different surfaces and gives your art unique textures for canvas, wood, plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, papers and more.

While other products might have poor opacity and dull colors, our specially - formulated 500ml Acrylic paint boasts high adhesive absorbability that lets the pigment cling on any surface without smudging, fading or cracking. Designed to be tough enough to withstand humidity and temperature changes- this acrylic paint jar is best for kids, amateurs and professional painters.

This acrylic colour is made to give you the best experience in creating your masterpiece. Breath life to your art with Artistik Art Materials  and let your art be your legacy.

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