create your home decors with artistik art materials

Do something new!

Decorating your home should be a fun activity! You can cast some creativity into it and be awed with your final creations!  But if you're stuck with ideas, don't worry, we got the best one for you!

cute pebbles
Take it from gemma

She's also known as @gveyzcrafts on Instagram! She's been taking the boring things and reinventing them into something cute and distinctively unique!

You might remember her when she sent us these pebbles before. 😍

Artistik pots
reimagine things

Taking our 48 acrylic tube set, she reimagined and gave these pots a new look! It would be good to see these pots in your garden or in some spaces of your home!

Want to give this a try?

Go beyond pebbles, pots, and wood works! Take inspiration from this and turn this into a bonding activity with the kids or with the entire family. Get ready to create unique and personal decorations for your home! We're sure you'll have some fun!