Invest In A Painting Easel & Become A Better Artist

    For centuries, artists have been creating their painted masterpieces on easels. A painting easel - whether standing or desktop - is a serious art material investment for added convenience and perspective.

    Easels not only make it easier for an artist to paint, but they help beginners and professionals to experiment with techniques, improve their skills and become better artists. A stretched canvas or canvas board that is positioned on a painting easel allows for the best ambient light and the optimum painting angle - assisting with lighting, shadow and layering of colours. Easels also offer various angle options which offer greater flexibility. And every time you step back from the easel to view your progress you are mimicking the angle and distance at which it will be hung and displayed on a wall.

    Wooden table easels (or desktop easels) are affordable, portable and versatile - ideal for painting, sketching and drawing - especially for ‘Plein air’ painting or for artists who do not have a designated studio and need to move their artwork around with them.

    When it comes to awareness of your posture while painting (often for many hours at a time), an easel is your BFF in that it helps correct your posture and minimizes prolonged and unnecessary bending or straining of the neck, shoulders and back while working. Want to avoid unnecessary spills on your artwork? A painting easel is your go-to solution.

    Our quality range of ARITSTIK wooden painting easels includes lightweight tabletop easels, larger standing easels and portable box easel sets (with storage drawers to organise your brushespaints and various art supplies). Make sure you choose the right one for your specific painting needs.