The Differences Between Stretched Canvas and Canvas Panels: What Every Artist Should Know

You may have wondered about the differences between stretched canvas and canvas panels as an artist. Both are popular surfaces for painting, but they have some key differences that can affect your artwork.

Stretched canvas is made by stretching a canvas over a wooden frame, called a stretcher. The canvas is then secured to the frame using staples or tacks. Stretched canvas has a slight give when you paint, which some artists prefer.

On the other hand, canvas panels are made by mounting a piece of canvas onto a rigid board, such as cardboard or wood. Canvas panels are more rigid than stretched canvases.

One advantage of canvas panels is that they are easier to make and are square as long as the panel is cut squarely. They also do not require stretcher bars or supporting crossbars like stretched canvases do.

Another advantage of canvas panels is that they take up less space than stretched canvases. This makes them more convenient for painting outdoors or storing multiple paintings.

Both stretched canvas, and canvas panels have their advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you as an artist to decide which surface is best for your painting style.