the easel advantage

Every artist will tell you that working with an easel is important. It simply makes the work-flow easier and more enjoyable. But what are the reasons why this is true? Here are three!

To see your work at the right viewing angle

If you've ever tried to paint while sitting on a couch or lying on the floor, you know how hard it can be to get a good view of your canvas or paper. With an easel, however, there's no need to worry about this—just set up where you want to paint and look through the appropriate lenses!

To have more freedom of movement

When you're working on an easel, you have even more freedom of movement than when you're working with a pad of paper or canvas because it's literally just a piece of wood and some supports. You can lean back as far as you want without worrying about your painting leaning back too far and tipping over!

To keep a good posture

Sometimes we all get into bad habits when we work at our desks—we slouch or lean too far forward or backward so that our neck hurts after working on one side all day long. But this doesn't become a problem when working with an easel. Working with an easel allows you to maintain your posture as you comfortably remain upright  as you finish your piece.

In the end, we would say that an easel is not just a little luxury for any artist. It is firstly a must-have for any serious artist who seeks to improve his skills.