How to paint the sun and the moon

Painting the sun and the moon is another fun project with watercolours! It's pretty easy to do, and it doesn't take too long. This is an easy project that kids can use as a starting point to create their own masterpieces.

Step 1

Start with a blank sheet of paper. Use white or off-white paper if you want your sun and moon to be bright; otherwise, use dark colours like black or blue.

Step 2

Paint the sun yellow, and paint the moon white or gray (depending on your preference). You can also add some yellow and orange hues to make them more realistic.

Step 3

Add some clouds around your sun and moon for added effect!

There you have it! 

Watercolour painting is a fun and enjoyable activity for children of all ages and it’s easy to get started because it requires little skill or experience. We’re happy to be part of you and your child’s journey! Stay Artistik!