Angela Jose's Watercolor Wonders

Hi I am Angela Jose. I love spending my spare time in creative activities and my current project is learning watercolours. I started my blog in 2013 under the name ‘thecraftyangels’ , starting off initially with paper crafts, quilling, cardmaking, calligraphy and now watercoloring.

I am a passionate hobby artist, creating whimsical nature inspired artworks, mostly bright fun florals with watercolors. Having tried many other mediums, I love watercolours for their unpredictable yet forgiving nature, creating unique effects and surprises.

I enjoy translating the beauty of the nature through my own creativity. Painting nature inspired elements brings in a sense of calm. I most likely reach out to vibrant colors for my florals and they really do brighten up my day, hopefully other’s too who follow my artworks.

Having moved to the UK recently, I have been in the search for quality yet affordable art supplies. I discovered the Artistik art materials range upon being sent a 50 shades watercolour pan set. I liked the quality of the watercolours and I love how thoughtfully the shades were created.

I love the 50 shades watercolour set which I have used for my paintings. The colors are very vibrant and pigmented, the shade range is pretty good and at this price point, I think it’s a good buy.

The 50 shades watercolour set is something I will definitely recommends to my fellow artists. They are good from beginner to intermediate artists and they shade range is what has attracted me very much. Saves a lot of time mixing paints as the palette has a wide range of pretty colors.