pouring from the heart

paola de giovanni
artist spotlight

My name is Paola De Giovanni
I have always been creative, it sounds like a tired cliche', but I really cannot see myself doing anything that is not related to art and design.

I trained as a textile designer, always been passionate about photography, I invested time and money in learning new arts/crafts techniques.

To keep sane I taught myself marbling and acrylic pouring during lockdown: I love both techniques because they are like a form of meditation, helping me to feel grounded and allowing me to create truly unique artworks.

I discovered Artistik's pouring paints while searching for pouring material on Google, I love the pouring paints because they have the best consistency, great colour palette and they already come with the pouring medium mixed in, I only need to shake the bottle and voila', I am ready to pour in a few seconds.

I also bought some canvas boards, which are also perfect for pouring, they don't buckle and take less space than canvases, especially because I like to work on larger formats.

Want to give this a try?

I would recommend artists to invest in good quality tools and paints, to keep learning and creating new work even when life throws a "curved ball". Making art is also a form of therapy that in my opimion can only do a world of good to the artist and to those who appreciate art in all its forms,

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