24 Watercolour Tubes

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  • 24 Pigmented Hues for a Variety of Artwork - We curated 24 highly-pigmented blue, green, yellow, and red shades to complete your watercolor needs. With this comprehensive set, spare yourself from runny brush strokes and be more than satisfied with the result of your work. Enjoy shade-matching to your art subject through modulated drops from each tube which you can then mix with ease. That’s if our set does not offer the same shade yet.
  • 12 mL Volume for Each of Our Diverse Color Offering - With each tube generously filled with 12 milliliters of our non-toxic and richly pigmented watercolor hues, you’re in for a long journey with this watercolor tube set. Practice as much as you want and create as many paintings as your heart desires. Be satisfied with our buoyant colors every time.
  • Metal Tubes You Can Bring Wherever You Paint - Each of the 24 colors is contained in metal paint tubes and secured with snug-fit screw caps. These do not only preserve the fluid quality of your watercolor unlike substandard watercolor pan sets that dry and crumble down. These also make your pigments portable and leak-proof for when you make art while traveling. You can feel assured that no drop of paint will be wasted as the tubes are easy to squeeze in order to dispense only the required amount of paint and, when the time comes, empty these tubes to the last drop.
  • A Bargain You Wouldn’t Want to Miss - A watercolor set of 24 high-quality watercolor hues like this is hard to come by. So many watercolors you’ve tried before probably disappointed you with their lackluster quality that when applied fade or dull out over time. This is where ours differ. Choose these and you can feel confident your work will maintain the same vibrancy over time as it did when you applied your first stroke on your paintings.


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