A4 Soft cover  Sketch Book - 3 pieces

A4 Soft cover Sketch Book - 3 pieces

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  • A SKETCHBOOK THATS VERSATILE FOR MIXED MEDIA: If you've been looking for a starter sketchbook that's durable enough to handle mixed media, then your search is over! That's because our sketch pad is made with 165 gsm cartridge paper which means that it's capable of withstanding all different types of media without bleeding or ripping, guaranteed!
  • BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS AS AN ARTIST: Because this sketchbook has heavy paper for mixed media use you'll be able to broaden your horizons as an artist. This is great for you because now you can explore all different types of media and discover any hidden talents that you may have or new art forms that you didn't know you'd enjoy.
  • KEEP ALL OF YOUR WORK IN ONE PLACE: The problem with other sketchbooks is their poorly made construction that leaves a lot to be desired. Our sketchbooks solve that problem! Why? That's because our sketchbook has high quality and durable construction from cartridge paper and features 40 back and front pages, nearly twice the amount of the competition. This means that you'll never have to worry about your sketchbook falling apart and losing your work. Never suffer losing work again!
  • AVAILABLE IN A3 and A4! TRACK YOUR PROGRESS AS AN ARTIST: Our black and kraft soft cover sketchbooks feature 2 different sizes, 2 different colours and 40 pages / 20 sheets. What that means to you is 40 pages / 20 sheets just waiting to be used. What that REALLY means to you is you'll be able to use this sketchbook for a very long time AND that ultimately means you can see just how your work has progressed over time because of your hard work.
  • EVERYTHING YOUR LOOKING FOR IN AN ARTIST SKETCH BOOK Plus OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 'LOVE IT OR 100% of YOUR MONEY BACK' GUARANTEE: When shopping for artist supplies you should always buy with confidence because Artistik offers you no hassle returns. If you check out the reviews you'll see why so many customers choose Artistik It's our Promise to you. It's that simple!

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