A5 Sketchbook - Kraft 3 Pieces
A5 Sketchbook - Kraft 3 Pieces

A5 Sketchbook - Kraft 3 Pieces

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Economical - Brace yourselves for this bargain that’s hard to find elsewhere with our 5.875 by 8.25-inch sketchbooks that come in 3, each with 40 sheets and are smaller than the usual A3 Kraft sketchbooks. This is perfect for small portraits especially for the artists who are into charcoal sketching. Our richly-paged and handy Kraft sketchbook also caters to a diverse range of dry media art materials like graphite and colored pencils, crayon, chalk, and even ink or specialty pens and wet pigments.

Premium Kraft Paper to Satisfy Your Artistic Needs - Our sketchbooks feature high-quality, heavyweight, acid-free brown kraft paper with a dense 165gsm surface that guarantees a smudge-proof, fade-free, and blot- and warp-resistant drawing, shading, and painting experience. You can go beyond dry media and master your gouache techniques, and we guarantee you’ll face no issues with pigments reacting to the paper. You can keep your art’s vibrancy and original shades for life within the pages as the paper is of long-lasting quality. Each page in this sketchbook is made of pure Kraft paper which makes for a perfect warm-tone background for nature-themed spreads which are similarly warm-toned like flower paths, wreaths, and other wildlife elements like deer antlers, birds, or autumn leaves. The possibilities this 3-pack sketchbook contains is endless, you can even make them fully yours or gift-worthy by personalizing the design of the plain brown front and back soft covers. How awesome would that be?

Saddle-Stitched Pages to Keep Your Art Portfolio Intact - The portrait-format sketchbook is saddle-stitched in the middle to make up its sturdy and reliable spine and keeps the pages intact. This makes it perfect for neatly archiving your art portfolios or simply a collection of similarly-themed artwork rather than manually filing together separate pieces of artwork. Then, you can proceed to the next two pads for two more new collections.

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