Art Set with Wooden Storage Case

Art Set with Wooden Storage Case

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The art storage set made perfectly by artists, for artists. Housed in a vintage-looking wooden box crafted and polished to perfection, the Aristik Art Supplies Box includes art materials and makes the perfect gift for everyone who loves art and expression.

Made with the highest quality of easel and highly-pigmented paints
Crafted with the highly durable and sturdy beechwood that has been hand-polished to create the finest-made art storage box, this organizer carries your materials in place without the risk of damage or being misplaced. Carry it around neat and classy with its faux-leather handle made for those who love travel and minimalistic art. Finally, this art storage box and organizer is sealed with metal clamps to secure your materials.

This art storage case comes with professionally-formulated high quality paint pigments giving you the best viscosity to ensure that your artwork stays vibrant and stunning as the first second you take a look at your finished creation. The artist set perfect for drawing, sketching, and painting, complete with acrylic paints, pastels and brushes.


  • 12pcs×12ml Acrylic paints
  • 12pcs Oil pastels
  • 12pcs Colour pencils
  • 2pcs 2B Pencils
  • 3pcs Artist Brushes Size 2,4,6
  • 1pc manikin:5.5 inch size
  • 1pc Eraser
  • 1pc metal sharpener
  • 1pc Plastic palette knife
  • 1pc Storage Case

Perfect for drawing, sketching, painting and more, the Artistik artist set is everything a beginner artist could ever wish for. Complete with mannequin, bristle brushes, painting spatula, eraser, sharpener, acrylic paints, oil pastels and coloured pencils- this is more than just an art storage case your kids could carry around. This begins their journey to opening up their heart to their love for art.

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