12 Mixed Media Brushes
12 Mixed Media Brushes
12 Mixed Media Brushes
12 Mixed Media Brushes
12 Mixed Media Brushes
12 Mixed Media Brushes

12 Mixed Media Brushes

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Expand your body of paint work with our fine detail brush set of 12!

Complete with brush sizes 2 to 12 and diverse brush shapes including round, flat, filbert, angled, and rigger, you can flawlessly paint miniatures, figurines, action figures, nail art, dolls, and many more whilst meeting all of the detailing needs of your work may it be short strokes, bold strokes, filling, blending edges, detail coverage, fine lines, and lettering.


  • Well-balanced, steady control paint brushes with a precision point for detail painting
  • Round brushes (1, 4, 8 )
  • Flat brushes (6, 11)
  • Filbert brushes (2, 7, 9)
  • Angel brushes (3, 5, 10)
  • Rigger brush (0)

To ensure you have the optimum painting experience, the brushes are designed with aluminum crimped ferrule rings, genuine birchwood handles which are ideal for balance and control and with super fine nylon bristles that’ll ensure smooth paint strokes and prevent hand cramps.

The premium quality composition of the brush set makes it durable and able to maintain its shape over time, you won’t want to go back to those cheap almost one-use-only brushes.

The variety of the set allows for ease of use, is versatile for all sorts of media including acrylic,  and watercolor, suits beginner and expert artists alike, and would be the perfect gift for your aspiring artist child, friend, or loved one.


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